Yard Waste Weekly Service

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SW-INQUIRY: Yard Waste Weekly Service

Yard waste is collected weekly from City-issued containers. The City offers two sizes of containers for collection; a 96 gallon container and a 48 gallon container. 


Guidelines for Weekly Yard Waste Pick-Up Service:

Yard waste must be the city issued yard waste container for weekly pickup. 

  • Plastic bags and personal containers are not accepted. 
  • Paper bags of yard waste and branches are only allowed with a scheduled pickup. 
  • No yard waste will be picked up in the alley.
  • Please separate regular trash from yard waste by several feet.

Is there a charge for the weekly yard waste service?

The cost of the weekly Yard Waste service is $2.00 per month per container. The charge is added to the monthly utilities bill April 1st-November 30th. 

Who is eligible for the yard waste weekly service?

Any resident paying for City trash services is eligible for weekly Yard Waste service.

When does the weekly yard waste service occur?

Weekly Yard Waste services are provided on the same day as your trash collection. If you do not know your trash day, please click here to search for your address. 

How do I enroll in the weekly yard waste service?

By filling out the webform here, or by contacting the City's 311 center. 

For 311:

Gather the customer's information first. 



In the red phone, select the customer’s address. Once the customer is pulled up, select the “Collection Orders”.

Select the “Containers” category.

If there is a yard waste container present at the customers location, click on the yard waste container, highlighting the container blue. Next, click on the drop down box, selecting “Container Verification”, and click “New Job”.

Select the next scheduled pick-up day under the “Job Details”. Click on the green “OK” button, and you’re done for that call.

 If there is no yard waste container present, you need to create one.

Click the green plus sign that says “New” to create a new container.

 When the “Container Item Editor” comes up, there are several essential pieces of information needed

First, select “Yard” under the “Material Profile”.

Next, under the “Container Type”, select either “48 Gallon Yard Waste” or “96 Gallon Yard Waste”.

At the bottom of the box, under “Create Jobs”, you will need to select “Container Delivery” and choose the next scheduled pick-up date.

Finally, you click the green check mark “OK”. Once a yard waste container has been added, you will need to add a “Route Assignment” for that container.

 Click the down arrow next to Route Assignments. If there is no yard waste route, click the green plus sign that says “New”. A box titled “Site Order Route Assignment Editor” will appear.

 First, click on the top box “Service”. Select “Yard- 96 Gallon Yard Waste” or “Yard-48 Gallon Yard Waste”.

 Second, select the “Pickup Interval”. It will always be “weekly”

Next, under “Action”, select “Lift”.


 Then, you must uncheck the “No Planned Date” box on the upper right side. You will have to select the scheduled pick up day. If the yard waste container request is during the yard waste season, then you can just select the next scheduled pick-up date. If it is not during the yard waste season, you have to select the next scheduled pick-up date for the following season.

Click the green check mark “OK” and you are finished.