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[ { "displayName": "Is the power off?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "power", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Is the station able to deliver a charge to your car?", "type": "yesNo", "ifNo": [ { "displayName": "Describe the color and configuration of any blinking lights on the unit.", "type": "textarea", "schemaName": "electricalIssueDescript", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true } ], "schemaName": "electricalIssue", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Does there appear to be a software issue? (i.e. could not authenticate, problems with your account?)", "type": "yesNo", "ifYes": [ { "displayName": "If yes, contact the network provider’s customer service.", "type": "layoutText", "schemaName": "layoutText", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false } ], "schemaName": "softwareIssue", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Is the charger physically damaged?", "type": "yesNo", "ifYes": [ { "displayName": "Describe the damage: to the cord, plug, or other component?", "type": "textarea", "schemaName": "hardwareIssueDescription", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true } ], "schemaName": "hardwareIssue", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Is the station blocked by another vehicle that is not plugged in?", "type": "yesNo", "ifYes": [ { "displayName": "If there is no ticket on the vehicle blocking the station & not plugged in, call DTSB Ambassadors at 574-400-3929 for assistance with parking enforcement.", "type": "layoutText", "schemaName": "layoutText", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false } ], "schemaName": "satationBlocked", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Other", "type": "textarea", "schemaName": "other", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false } ]

Report Issue with City-Owned Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations1/4

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