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[ { "displayName": "Eligibility Questions", "type": "header", "schemaName": "header", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "If your answer to any one of questions 1-4 below is No, please do not continue. Our partner organization, the Volunteer Lawyer Network, is not able to assist you with this situation. This is not a legal determination; you may very well be able to get legal assistance with your situation from another group. ", "type": "layoutText", "schemaName": "layoutText", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "1. Do you live in South Bend?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "southbend", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "2. Are you currently residing in the rental property?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "residing", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "3. Has your landlord asked you or told you to move out?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "moveOut", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "4. Are you current on your rent?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "rent", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "If your answer to any one of questions 1-4 above is No, please do not continue.", "type": "layoutText", "schemaName": "layoutText", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "5. Do you have a lease?", "type": "yesNo", "ifYes": [ { "displayName": "Was your lease signed in the past 11 months?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "11months", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false } ], "schemaName": "lease", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "6. Is Neighborhood Services and Enforcement involved?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "code", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "7. Have you been served with an eviction notice, or have eviction proceedings begun in court?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "eviction", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "8. Is the next eviction hearing within the next week?", "type": "yesNo", "schemaName": "hearing", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "Income Questions", "type": "header", "schemaName": "header", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "How many people live in your household? Please include all children as well as all adults.", "type": "text", "schemaName": "household", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "What is your household income? Please include income from all adults in your household.", "type": "text", "schemaName": "income", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Additional Information", "type": "textarea", "schemaName": "additionalinfo", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false } ]

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