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[ { "displayName": "Location of Issue", "type": "text", "schemaName": "location", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "Time of Day (if relevant)", "type": "text", "schemaName": "time", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Type of Issue", "type": "checkboxseries", "options": [ { "schemaName": "ada", "displayName": "ADA Compliance (Issues with ADA accessibility of sidewalks, street crossings, signal and other facilities)" }, { "schemaName": "bicycle", "displayName": "Bicycle Related (Addition or revision of bicycle facility, bike lane markings, etc)" }, { "schemaName": "intercontrol", "displayName": "Intersection Control (Changes at an intersection - stop sign or signal related)" }, { "schemaName": "parking", "displayName": "Parking (Changes to on-street parking)" }, { "schemaName": "pavement", "displayName": "Pavement Markings (Missing or faded travel lane markings, traffic symbols)" }, { "schemaName": "pedestrian", "displayName": "Pedestrian (Changes to crosswalk or walk signals)" }, { "schemaName": "regulatory", "displayName": "Regulatory Sign (Addition or revision of regulatory sign such as Stop, Yield, etc.)" }, { "schemaName": "schoolzone", "displayName": "School Zone (Addition of School Zone signs, other school area traffic safety)" }, { "schemaName": "sightdistance", "displayName": "Sight Distance (Sight issues on street or intersections)" }, { "schemaName": "signaltime", "displayName": "Signal Timing or Configuration (Changes to traffic signal timing)" }, { "schemaName": "speeding", "displayName": "Speeding (Report frequent speeding)" }, { "schemaName": "trafficflow", "displayName": "Traffic Flow (Slow moving traffic, congestion issues, etc.)" } ], "schemaName": "issuetype", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "Description of Issue", "type": "textarea", "schemaName": "subHeader", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "We will NOT process your request if you do not provide your contact information. We will only contact you if we need additional information.", "type": "subHeader", "schemaName": "subHeader", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Please check this box to confirm you will provide your contact information on the next page.", "type": "checkbox", "schemaName": "reqcontact", "instructions": "Instructions", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "Thank you for submitting a traffic concern to the Engineering Office. Your request will be reviewed by our team and may require further investigation, including traffic counts and speed studies. This can take several weeks so please know that we are working to address your concern.", "type": "layoutText", "schemaName": "layoutText", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false } ]

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