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[ { "displayName": "The City will not remove dead animals from private property or alleys. Residents are required to move animals that die on their property or in an alley to the curb. ", "type": "layoutText", "schemaName": "layoutText", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "What size is the animal?", "type": "select", "options": [ { "schemaName": "small", "displayName": "Small (e.g. a squirrel)" }, { "schemaName": "medium", "displayName": "Medium (e.g. a dog)" }, { "schemaName": "large", "displayName": "Large (e.g. a deer)" } ], "schemaName": "size", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": true }, { "displayName": "Where is the animal located?", "type": "select", "options": [ { "schemaName": "curb", "displayName": "Curb" }, { "schemaName": "street", "displayName": "Street" } ], "schemaName": "where", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Additional information (animal placed in a bag, etc.)", "type": "textarea", "schemaName": "additionalinfo", "instructions": "", "help": "", "required": false } ]

Dead Animal in the Street1/4

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