Payment Extension for Utility Bill

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Payment Extension for Utility Bill

  • Payment Extensions
    • Allows a customer up to fifteen (15) additional calendar days beyond the disconnection date to avoid service disconnection.
    • Customers may receive up to 12 extensions per calendar year.
    • Extensions must be entered on the portal ( by 4:00 p.m, by calling 311, by calling the IVR system (574-235-9236) or by going to the Customer Service office at: 125 W Colfax on or before the payment deadline date printed on the red disconnect notice and/or provided through the delinquency phone calls.  
    • No extensions will be given once an account has been processed for disconnection.
    • A customer who does not pay by the extension date provided will be ineligible for an Extension for 60 days.

When should I get a payment extension?

Customers should apply for a payment extension once they have received a disconnection notice with a disconnection date on it. 

Customers can sign up for a payment plan if (1) they’ve received a disconnection notice and (2) cannot pay their balance by the shut off date.

311 Process Notes

Customers can also get help with paying their utility bill in these ways:

Utilities started the water shut off process on December 1, 2022. Utilities will conduct the first shut offs at the end of December. Customers will be able to set up a payment plan online at, in-person at the Utilities office at 125 W. Colfax Ave. or call 311.

Customers can sign up for a payment plan if they have received a disconnection notice and are unable to make payment prior to the specified shut off date.