Installment Plan for Utility Bill

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Installment Plan for Utility Bill

Utility offers various payment arrangements for its customers. Read below for customer eligibility and where and when residents can enter into these arrangements.

What payment arrangements does the Utility offer?

The Utility offers a number of payment arrangements to help customers avoid disconnection of service:

  1. Payment Extensions (please see Payment Extension Article)
  2. Installment Plan
    • The Utility will enter into a deferred payment arrangement if the customer:
      • Pays a reasonable portion of their total balance down (the Utility's standard installment plan requires 25% down).
      • Agrees to pay the remainder of the past-due balance within three (3) months in addition to new bills that become due.
    • Installment plans must be either completed on the portal (  or in person at the customer service office by 4:00 p.m. on the payment deadline date printed on the red disconnect notice and/or provided through the delinquency phone calls.
    • No installment plans will be entered into after an account has been processed for disconnection.  Additionally, failed Installment plans will make the account holder ineligible to obtain an additional Installment Plan for 6 months.

311 Process Notes

Direct the customer to to request an installment plan or fill out the service request so it goes to the Customer Service Queue.  

Liaisons should inform the customer about the Utility Assistance Program to see if they can qualify. More information can be found in the South Bend Utility Assistance Program article.