Water Rates & Charges

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Water Rates & Charges

Explains where to find water, sewer and clean air rates and charges.  Also explains the pending water rates and charges increase.

Why did the City increase Water rates?

  • South Bend's water rates have not increased since 2006 and are among the lowest in comparable cities across Indiana and would remain so even after full implementation.
  • These increases will fund $23 million of the over $88 million in identified capital needs over the next 6 years.

What are the Water Rates & Charges?

Click here to download the current schedule of Water Rates & Charges.

  • In early 2017, South Bend approved a two-year water rate increase equal to 22% in the first year of implementation and 22% in the second year of implementation.
  • The two-year water rate increases were approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in March of 2018.
  • The first 22% increase is effective as of 3/19/2018.
  • The second 22% increase is effective as of 3/19/2019.
  • For the average inside-city residential customer, a 22% water rate increase equates to:
    • A little more than $3.00 per month in additional water charges, or $0.10 per day
    • A combined South Bend Municipal Utilities bill that increases by less than 4%

Where can I find Sewer Rates?

For Sewer Rates & Charges, click here.

  • On January 24th, 2017, the City of South Bend reaffirmed a surcharge on outside-city sewer customers.  The surcharge replaces compact fees to outside-city Utility customers in the Municipal Code and is scheduled to increase over three years:
    • 5% effective 1/1/2017 (Delayed until 10/1/17 due to legal challenges ultimately resolved in favor of the City);
    • 10% effective 1/1/2018;
    • 14% effective 1/1/2019;

Clean Air charges are billed pursuant to Section 9-22 of South Bend Municipal Ordinance.


311 Process Notes

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