Pothole in Street

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Pothole in Street

Potholes are caused by road surface fatigue from traffic and water. For information on potholes that are in the street and how to report them, please continue to the next section. For potholes in an alley, please refer to the Alley Maintenance Knowledge Base Article.    

Who fixes potholes on roads within the city limits?

Responsibility for road surface maintenance in South Bend depends on ownership of the roadway. The City of South Bend maintains its own roads and co-maintains some shared streets with other municipalities. State roads are maintained by the State of Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).  

How are potholes fixed?

After receiving a pothole service request from 311, the Streets Department will send a maintenance crew to inspect the extent of the damage and make appropriate repairs.

How do I report a pothole on a city street?

During normal business hours, (7:30 am - 5:30 pm) contact 311.

Provide your name and contact information.

To help the Streets team evaluate and respond to your request, please also provide:

  • Pothole Location (street address or block information, direction of travel, distance from curb)
  • Damage Type (single pothole, multiple potholes, pavement cracking, rough pavement)

If you feel that you have sustained damage as a result of this pothole please contact the city legal department at 574.235.9241.

How long does it take to respond to potholes on city- owned streets? 

The Office of Streets will evaluate and repair reported defects in the streets within a reasonable time.

311 Process Notes

If the caller is reporting damage to their vehicle, direct them to the Legal office if they believe they have a claim against the City.