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ST-SERVICE: Report a Pothole

Pothole Report

Is the pothole in the street or in an alley?

 If in an alley -

  • Go to Alley Maintenance article - either In- or Out-of-Season.

If in the street - 

  • Street name,  nearest street address or specific block number (Ex: 1500 block of Brookfiedl)
  • Location in street - which lane, is it in the lane or near the curb?
  • How big/deep is the pothole?



How do I report a pothole?

During normal business hours, (7:30 am - 5:30 pm) contact 311.   Provide your name and contact information.

For 311:

If the caller is reporting damage to their vehicle, direct them to the Legal office if they believe they have a claim against the City.