Senior Trash Service Discount

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SW-REQUEST: Senior Trash Service Discount


What is the service rate with the senior discount?

The senior rate is $7.49 per month for residents inside City limits. The senior rate for outside City limits is rated at $9.36 per month. 

Who is eligible for the trash service senior discount?

The account holder and/or the spouse of the household can apply and must be 65 years of age or older.

When would the discount apply to my bill?

The rate will be applied on the next bill, starting immediately after age verification. 

How do I request the discount?

  • The account holder must bring proof of age to Waterworks Customer Service
  • The agent will fill out a senior discount form with your relevant information
  • Your information will be sent to the Board of Public Works for ratification

For 311:

Direct the resident to Water Works for proper procedure.