Trash Service Rates

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Trash Service Rates

Below are the rates for all Solid Waste services. 

What are the rates for Solid Waste collections?

CHAPTER 16 - REFUSE | Code of Ordinances | South Bend, IN | Municode Library

  • The City shall charge the owner or occupant of each occupied residence within the City for the collection and disposal of residential refuse according to the following schedule:


    Rates and Charges.

Monthly Rates

  • One-family dwelling: $15.78
  • One-family dwelling outside city limits: $20.51
  • Two-family dwelling**: $24.74
  • Three-family dwelling**: $33.71
  • Four-family dwelling**: $42.68
  • Senior rate***: $9.47
  • Senior rate outside city limits***: $11.84
  • Commercial: $20.51
  • Yard waste weekly service****: $5.50
  • Additional trash bin (per bin): $8.97
  • Additional yard waste bin (per bin)****: $5.50

Fees (Per Incident)

  • Administrative Fee: $10
  • Bin replacement fee: $50
  • Extra trash pickup per cubic yard: $20
  • Return trip fee: $10
  • Yard Waste contamination fee: $10 (Charge for yard waste contamination after 1st warning. Increase by $5 for every subsequent occurance up to a maximum of $20 in a calendar year.)

*  Until further amended.

**  With one water meter.

***  Where one resident/occupant of the account has submitted to the Board of Public Works proof of address and proof of being age sixty-five (65) or older. No owner age sixty-five (65) or older of multiple properties may claim more than one senior trash service discount.

****  Charge for the yard waste season which is billed monthly for weekly service during the months of April through November.

How are the Solid Waste rates/fees billed?

All flat rates are billed on the monthly utility bill. Any recurring charges such as additional bins for trash or yard waste go on the monthly bill as well. Extra trash pickup charges, bin replacement, contamination fees and return trip fees are added to the utility bill on date of services rendered. 

Who receives these trash service rates?

Any resident within the city limits needing Solid Waste services or residents outside the City limits pending approval from Director of Solid Waste.