Who is my Neighborhood Code Enforcement Inspector?

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Who is my Neighborhood Code Enforcement Inspector?


Code Enforcement has 12 full time inspectors and 1 part time inspector.  Each full time inspector has an assigned area.
Their hours range from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

How do I look up my Neighborhood Code Enforcement Inspector?


Use this map to search your property and find the inspector area: Inspector Map

  1. Open the map of Code Enforcement Areas.
  2. Open the legend (three horizontal lines icon) OR click on each region to see the area number.
  3. Enter your address in the search bar at the top.
  4. Zoom out to see which area you are in.
  5. Refer to below to determine who your inspector is.

Environmental Area 1:  Chris P.  email: cpembert@southbendin.gov; 574-235-5917

Environmental Area 2:  Ed W.  email: edwilliam@southbendin.gov; 574-245-6062

Environmental Area 3:  Chyna M.  email: cmcbride@southbendin.gov; 574-235-5513

Environmental Area 4:  Cornelius J. email: cjohnson@southbendin.gov; 574-235-5526

Environmental Area 5:  John H.  email: jhelak@southbendin.gov; 574-235-5916

Environmental Area 6:  TBD  

Rental Areas 1 & 2:  Dena C.  email: dcriswel@southbendin.gov; 574-245-6096

Rental Areas 3 & 4:  Chad H.  email: chooten@southbendin.gov; 574-235-9170

Rental Areas 5 & 6:  Steve M.  email:  smeadows@southbendin.gov; 574-235-5918

Housing Areas 1, 2, & 3:  Dora G.  email:  dgonzale@southbendin.gov; 574-235-5990

Housing Areas 4, 5, & 6:  Steve S.  email:  sszaday@southbendin.gov; 574-245-6059

Chief Inspector:  Jim W.  email:  jwood@southbendin.gov; 574-245-6060

311 Process Notes

Please ask the following questions:

  • What is your address?
  • Then search the property address using the Inspector Area Map
  • Tell the person who their inspector is based on their address.
  • Offer to transfer the person to the inspector's voicemail or give them his/her email address.
  • If the citizen wants to lodge a complaint against an inspector, please transfer to Chief Inspector Jim Wood at 574-245-6060.