Request an Interior Code Inspection

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CODE-INQUIRY: Request an Interior Code Inspection

Any person that resides in the city limits of South Bend can request an interior inspection on their property.

What is an interior inspection?

An interior inspection  is an inspection inside a residence (single family or multi-unit) or a commercial structure to discover any substandard conditions that would require correction or repair. Lack of air conditioning is not a code violation. It covers conditions under such topics as:

  1. Structural members
  2. Interior surfaces
  3. Stair and walking surfaces/handrails and guards
  4. Accumulation of rubbish or garbage
  5. Infestations
  6.  Light requirements in habitable spaces
  7. Light requirements in common halls and stairways
  8. Ventilation requirements in habitable spaces
  9. Ventilation in bathroom and toilet rooms
  10.  Plumbing facilities and fixture requirements in dwelling units
  11. Plumbing fixtures
  12. Water system - general
  13. Water heating facilities
  14. Sanitary drainage system - general
  15. Mechanical requirements in residential buildings
  16. Mechanical equipment requirements
  17. Electrical equipment and hazards
  18. Receptacles
  19. Lighting fixtures
  20. Fire protection fixtures (smoke detectors)
  21. Operable windows
  22. Means of egress
  23. Number of exits

Where can an interior inspection be done?

An interior inspection can be done at any property within the city limits.

Who is involved in an interior inspection?

The inspector assigned to that area and the tenant or someone connected to the property will be present during the inspection.  In most cases there will be two inspectors attending an interior inspection.

When can an interior inspection be done?

An interior inspection will occur any time during business hours by appointment.

How do I get more information on an interior inspection?

More information can be obtained by calling 311.

For 311:

Create a CRM service request so the Code Team can schedule an appointment with the inspector. 

Please ask the following questions:

  • What is the name of the person requesting the inspection?
  • What is the address where the inspection is needed?
  • Does your name appear on the lease?
  • Why do you want an interior inspection?
  • What is your phone number, so the area inspector can call you back and schedule and appointment?

Lack of air conditioning whether it exists and is broken, or is not present at all is not a code violation, and does not warrant an interior inspection.