Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Inspection Request for Commercial Space or Owner-Occupied Home

If you are requesting an interior inspection of your residential rental unit, please refer to the article for the Rental Safety Verification Program. 

What is an interior inspection?

An interior inspection is an inspection inside a residence (single family or multi-unit) or a commercial structure to discover any substandard conditions that would require correction or repair. Lack of air conditioning is not a Neighborhood Services & Enforcement violation. Existing central air needs to function as intended. It covers conditions under such topics as:

  1. Electrical systems
  2. Plumbing systems
  3. Water and sanitary systems, including hot water
  4. Bathrooms and toilet facilities
  5. Heating and ventilation systems
  6. Doors, windows, stairways and hallways
  7. Functional smoke detectors
  8. Overall structure


Where can an interior inspection be done?

An interior inspection can be done at any property within the city limits.

When can an interior inspection be done?

An interior inspection will occur any time during business hours by appointment.

Who is involved in an interior inspection?

The inspector assigned to that area and the tenant or someone connected to the property will be present during the inspection.  In most cases there will be two inspectors attending an interior inspection.

How do I get more information on an interior inspection?

More information can be obtained by calling 311.

311 Process Notes

Create a CRM service request so the Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Team can schedule an appointment with the inspector. 

Please ask the following questions:

  • What is the name of the person requesting the inspection?
  • What is the address where the inspection is needed?
  • Does your name appear on the lease?
  • Why do you want an interior inspection?
  • What is your phone number so the area inspector can call you back and schedule an appointment?