Temporary Lawn Parking Permit for Special Events and Notre Dame Football Game Days

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Temporary Lawn Parking Permit for Special Events and Notre Dame Football Game Days

If you live within the South Bend City limits and are planning on opening your lawn for parking during a special event or a Notre Dame football game, you must obtain a one day or seasonal conditional use parking permit that must be visible on the day(s) being used.

Where do I apply for a Temporary Lawn Parking Permit?

You may apply for a license with the Department of Community Investment in the County-City Building at 227 W Jefferson Blvd, Suite 1400S.  If applying for lawn parking during a Notre Dame football home game, the application must be submitted between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm no later than noon on the Wednesday before the game. For questions, please contact the Business License Administrator at 574-235-5912.

Click for access to the application  and ordinance.


What documents do I need to include with the application?

If parking ten (10) or more cars per day, you will need to provide a lot survey, site plan or similar legal document which shows:

  • Show the location of the lot lines and structures on the property
  • Indicate the setback of parking spaces are at least five feet (5') from all lot lines and structures
  • Show the lanes for entering and exiting the property
  • Show the location of proposed parking spaces with a box and number in numerical order

How much does a Temporary Lawn Permit cost?

Daily Lawn Permits:

  • If parking nine (9) cars or less , the cost is $3.00 per parking space per day
  • If parking ten (10) cars or more, the cost is a flat rate of $50.00 per day

Application Fee

  • Season Pass: $25.00
  • If less than a season pass: $5.00 multiplied by the number of games
  • If purchasing a season pass for 10 or more spaces prior to the first Notre Dame home game, a 10% discount will be applied to the permit fee

The license will be issued upon approval.