Sewer Tap for County Residents

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Sewer Tap for County Residents

The information below details the sewer connection process for properties outside city limits that want to connect to City sewer.

What is the process to get approval for a sewer tap?

For county residents requiring a sewer tap, the property owner needs to submit the following forms. The forms can be found at  

Once the two forms above are completed, approved and paid for, your private contractor will need to request a sewer tap permit.

The approval process typically takes up to one week.

All work must be done by licensed contractors bonded with the City’s Department of Public Works. Contractors performing the work must follow all City Standards and Specifications and work with the City’s Engineering Permit Inspector for pre-connection inspections.

311 Process Notes

If caller has additional questions that cannot be answered by 311 liaisons, please transfer the call to Senior Engineer Charlie Brach at x9246.