Special Installment Plan for Utility Bill

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Special Installment Plan for Utility Bill

The Utilities is currently offering a type of payment arrangement to assist residents post pandemic moratoriums.  This Special Installment Plan is intended to help residents avoid shut-off and to help bring them current on their Utility Bill.  Read below for customer eligibility and where and when residents can enter into these arrangements.  

The Special Installment Plan Description:

For the Special Installment Plan, no down payment is required when the request is made prior to shut off. 

The Installment Plan is made up of 4 tiers based on the Net Balance Due. Here are the four tiers:

1.  0-$100 - 3 months

2.  $101-$200 - 6 months

3.  $201-$300 - 9 months

4. $301 and up - 12 months

Residents on this plan are expected to pay their current bill plus the installments prescribed.

How can a resident apply for a Special Installment plan?

Residents can obtain a Special Installment plan by calling 311.

Who can obtain this plan?

Residents who have a delinquency bill who want to prevent shut off and become current on their utility bill.

When will this be available?

These plans became available in December 2022 but residents should wait until they have a delinquency bill.

311 Process Notes

To obtain a Special Installment Plan, a down payment is not required, however, after shut off, we require a down payment . We will require a payment for the lesser of $250 or 25% (plus any unpaid deposit) for the Down Payment. This will go to a work queue at customer service for the CSR to process.  There will be no signature required for the utility installment plans including the special installment plan.  Must verify that the caller is the account holder to be able to enter into a plan. Please verify the relationship in the service form definition. The special installment plan will be available for a limited time to help our residents get caught up on their past due balances. 

***Customers who are on the Utility Assistance Program are not currently (as of the end of 2022) being disconnected for non payment. Please encourage them to pay what they can as soon as they can. Since the UAP customers are not being shut-off currently, they do not need to enter into a payment plan and should not. If they do and they fail the plan, they would not be eligible for 60 days. In the future (our software vendor is working on a separate collections stream for UAP customers) they could get shut off notices when they reach a certain threshold. We want to prevent UAP customers from prematurely entering into a plan not needed. The system would allow for it, but we do not encourage it.