Requesting a Letter of Credit from the Utility

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Requesting a Letter of Credit from the Utility

This article is for customers who moved to another city and now wish to provide a letter of credit to a new utility.  The letter of credit request would go to the customer service office to complete.  

What is a letter of credit used for and how is it created?

The letter of credit is typically used to potentially avoid paying a deposit.  The auditor or supervisor at the customer service office will review the customer's utility payment history and put together the letter of credit which states whether or not there have been late payments within the last year or other activities relating to delinquency, if they have not made on time payments.  

Who can request a letter of Credit?

A letter of credit may be requested by the account holder on record. Additionally third party on the account is also eligible to request a letter of credit.

311 Process Notes

Please complete the service request which should ask questions such as what is your current mailing address, contact information, name, relationship to the property. This will go to the customer service office for completion.