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Low-Income Customer Assistance Program Ordinance

The City of South Bend Common Council passed an ordinance (Ordinance No. 10705-20) which implements a Low-Income Customer Assistance Program (LICAP) funded through ratepayers. For this ordinance, every residential sewer customer will be charged an additional $1.75 per month to provide a LICAP credit for qualifying low-income residential sewer customers. 

Who will be charged?

This will be a monthly sewer charge for every residential account who receives sewer service from the City.  

How much is the sewer charge?

The sewer charge is $1.75 per month. 

Who will be eligible for the LICAP credit?

The Customer must satisfy each of the following criteria to be eligible:

(a) Must own or occupy a Single-Unit Residential Property or a Multi-Unit Residential Property as a primary residence AND the bill must be in his or her name for wastewater charges from the City for service

(b) Customer’s gross household income must be at or below the levels established for assistance from the State of Indiana’s Energy Assistance Program (EAP). A LICAP credit shall be available to Eligible Customers of the City who are billed for wastewater charges.

Below is the proposed credit: The amount of such credit will be applied for the applicable billing cycle as follows:

Percentage of the 60% of State of Indiana Median

Household Income (MHI)*

Credit Amount


100% of the 60% of Indiana MHI

$10 + $1.75 = $11.75

75% of the 60% of Indiana MHI

$14 + $1.75 = $15.75

50% of the 60% of Indiana MHI

$19 + $1.75 = $20.75

*As determined under Indiana’s EAP.

311 Process Notes

Can a customer opt out?
No, this will be a monthly sewer charge for every residential customer who get sewer service from the City.