South Bend/UEA Pilot Home Repair Program

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South Bend/UEA Pilot Home Repair Program

2022 Program update: The City of South Bend is not currently accepting applications for owner-occupied home repairs. The city is still working to complete work at properties from the last application round, which was opened to a targeted geography. The city has not yet determined the timing of opening a new application round, or if the program will once again focus on a targeted geography or citywide.

The South Bend/UEA Pilot Home Repair Program provides a grant on behalf of a homeowner to make certain types of repairs to residential single family property.

Who is eligible to receive the grant?

Eligibility is first determined by location as the property must be located in a specific geographic area.

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How much does to cost to apply or participate in the program?

This program provides a grant on behalf of the homeowner.  There is no cost to the homeowner.

How can I apply for the program?

Contact 311 and ask for the South Bend/UEA Pilot Home Repair Program.

Eligible Repairs

Eligible repairs are determined by, and at the time of, the program inspection.

  • Repairs are approved only when in poor or failing condition and not compliant with local codes.
  • All repairs are to the residential structure and will not be made to accessory structures such as sheds, garages, fences or other improvements on the property.


  • Repairs will be approved based on the following order of priority:
    • Unsafe or hazardous conditions including roof, electric, plumbing, heating, structural, and lead based paint.
    • Handicapped accessible items
    • Gutters, doors, windows.


  • Other items in poor or failing condition may be addressed in conjunction with the priority items. 
  • Repairs not exceeding $1,500.00 are considered to be minor and will be considered as regular homeowner maintenance. Minor repairs and regular homeowner maintenance items will not be considered within this program.


  • Property must be in condition to allow for inspection/assessments and work to be completed.  Any one of the following conditions is unacceptable and reason for program denial:
    • Utilities shut off
    • Excessive clutter that obstructs inspection of all areas of home
    • No evidence of action taken against infestation of bugs/rodents
    • Health violations per health department standards, code, or city ordinances - such as animal and human waste;  food service areas not clean or sanitized

Any applicant denied for one or more of these conditions may take the opportunity to remedy the situation and may reapply for assistance.

Where lead based paint is found to be a hazard and the amount of general repairs plus the lead hazard control cost would exceed the maximum grant amount of $20,000, an additional amount not to exceed $5,000 will be available to increase the maximum grant offer to $25,000.

When are applications due?

In 2020 applications will be accepted beginning Monday, February 17, 2020 until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

311 Process Notes

2022 Program update: Please see the update in the summary section.

Pre-Application taken by 311 and sent to Kandee Block-Tinkel in DCI

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**IF NOT in Target Area please share with the caller that this is the 2nd year of a Pilot and if successful may be moved around the City to other neighborhood areas.  Targeting provides opportunity to invest in neighborhoods that have not seen a collective concerted effort in recent years.