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Feral Cats

What can I do about feral cats in my neighborhood?

What is a feral cat?

Feral cats are cats that are not owned by any individuals. They do not go into someones home and often unable to be handled by humans. If they are friendly and go in out of homes they are either owned or just a stray cat. 

What can I do about feral cats in my neighborhood?

If you trap a feral cat, you can bring it in to SBARC. We will contact Meow Mission to come and get the cat. It will then be ear clipped and spayed or neutered and released back into the community.  Meow Mission is an organization that humanely care for feral cat colonies.  

You can also contact Meow Mission at 574-300-3353 to trap the feral cats. 

Where are feral cats released at?

Feral cats are trapped, ear tipped, and spayed/neutered and returned to the same neighborhood that they came from. 

Who traps the feral cats?

Meow Mission will catch feral cats when informed about them, however individual residents can catch feral cats if they have traps.

Why will the feral cats be returned back to the same neighborhood? 

Cat communities are kept in the same neighborhood that they came from to increase their likelyhood of survival. They are spayed and neutered to maintain the cat population, instead of letting it increase.