Stormwater Utility Fee

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Stormwater Utility Fee

The stormwater utility fee was passed by the South Bend Common Council and went into effect June 1, 2019. The fee creates a dedicated funding source that will focus specifically on improvements to the stormwater system. The fee only applies to customers within city limits.

What is a stormwater utility fee?

A stormwater utility fee is a fee that produces revenue dedicated to improving drainage, controlling flooding, improving water quality and implementing regulations.

How much is the fee?

It is a flat rate of $2 per month for residential properties and $5 per month for non-residential properties. The fee only applies to customers within city limits.  

The stormwater fee will appear as the line item STORMWATER RES on the utility bill.

Why is the fee necessary?

Stormwater infrastructure is aging. Since these assets are buried, they are often forgotten about. This fee creates a dedicated funding source to address flooding and aging infrastructure.

What is a storm sewer system?

The storm sewer system consists of sewers, storm inlets, catch basins, manholes, curbs, gutters, ditches, swales, retention and/or detention ponds or basins, dams, and flood control facilities designed for the collection, control, transport or discharge of stormwater.

311 Process Notes

In the first month, this fee will be prorated based on the number of days in June on that bill.  It will also be prorated as other charges are for any customer that starts or terminates service resulting in a bill of less than a full month.

In case there are inquiries about how this fee differs from the sewer rate increase?
The stormwater fee is used to improve the stormwater system, which collects water during a heavy rain or storm. The sewer fee increase goes towards sewer work, which transfers your wastewater to the treatment plant.