Material Drop Off

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Material Drop Off

Organic Resources is a place for Michiana residents to bring organic material in for us to process into products that will be available to the public, such as mulch and compost. 

How much does dumping cost? What materials are / are not accepted?

Organic Resources accepts only organic material so we may process and reuse it. The cost of dumping is $3.65/yard for residents within city limits. For customers outside city limits (including five-digit South Bend addresses), the fee is $11/yard.

The amount of material will be determined by the office attendant. Below is a list of items that we DO and DO NOT accept at our facility.

Brush, leaves, branches, grass clippings, garden clippings, woodchips, logs

Dirt, rocks, sand, sod, concrete, processed wood, trash(of any and all kinds), stumps/stump grindings.


Where can organic material be dropped off?

Organic material can be dropped off at the Organic Resource Center located at 4340 Trade Dr, South Bend. Please be sure to stop in the office and find out where you need to be going. 

Who can drop off organic material?

Residential customers will need to show their ID for proof of address when dropping material off at the facility. Commercial customers will be asked to share the location of their business.

When is organic material accepted?

We accept material during our hours of operation. Hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Loading/dumping ends @ 3:45 pm