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The Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge (BMC) in South Bend

We estimate that the lack of reliable, affordable transportation is a primary barrier to finding and maintaining employment for about 10,000 South Bend residents. With support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, South Bend is now seeding a new solution to address this challenge in our city.

What is the history of the Bloomberg Mayor's Challenge in South Bend?

In 2018, the City of South Bend conducted a pilot in partnership with local employers and a rideshare company. The goal of the pilot was to (1) demonstrate and measure the value of reliable transportation options and (2) gather lessons about how such a program can be expanded sustainably in South Bend. After the pilot, South Bend was one of nine cities selected to receive a $1 million grant from Bloomberg to continue improving, testing, and expanding its solution.

What is the future of the Bloomber Mayor's Challenge in South Bend?

In 2019, the City will hire a Founding Director for the project, conduct more pilots, and will start to work with more local employers to expand the idea of transportation as a benefit.