Requesting a welfare check on an animal

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Requesting a welfare check on an animal

What to do when you have concern for an animal's well-being.

How do I call in for a welfare check for an animal?

When you have a concern for an animal's well being and how they are being cared for, contact SBARC by calling 311 . Be as descriptive as possible with what you have witnessed and what your concerns are.  

What information is needed to request a welfare check?

To properly address issues, Animal Welfare Officers need an exact address of where the animal lives.  

When will an Animal Welfare Officer do a welfare check?

If it is an emergency, where the animal is in need of immediate care, an officer will get out there as soon as possible. Non-emergency/ on-going situations will be addressed as the calls come in during business hours. 

How will welfare checks be addressed?

An AWO will go out to the property with the issue and address the situation as needed. An animal Welfare Officer will make sure that people are in compliance with caring for their animals. An Animal Welfare Alert will usually be given to the owner and time will be given to correct issues, unless it is deemed a more severe situation.

How often should you report the same issue?

You can call and report issues any time, especially if there is no improvement or the situation worsens.