Traffic Sign Issue

Traffic Sign Issue

Damaged or missing traffic signs can create dangerous driving conditions for residents. For more information on traffic sign issues and how to report them, continue to the next section.

Does the issue involve a missing or non-functioning Stop or Yield sign? 

If yes, this is a Street Emergency. Please call 311 and, if outside normal business hours, follow the prompt to report a Street Emergency. Describe the intersection location (cross streets) and a description of the sign type (stop or yield) and the issue (sign knocked over, sign missing, etc.).

If this is not a traffic emergency, what is the issue with the street sign?

City street signs may have non-emergency issues that need to be addressed. Issues that should be reported include: signs and poles that are bent, defaced, loose, or fading. 

How do I report non-emergency issues with a traffic sign?

During normal business hours (7:30 am - 5:30 pm), contact 311.

Please provide contact information, the type of sign, the sign location (street, street address or block number (Ex: 1500 block of Brookfield), and a brief description of the issue.

This information will be sent to the supervisor for evaluation and scheduling.

How long will it take to respond to a street sign issue?

Traffic and Lighting will respond to Traffic Emergencies immediately. If a permanent stop or yield sign cannot be set up immediately, a temporary sign will be setup by Unit 211. Non-emergency service requests response time will vary depending on request type and call volume.