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Adopting a Dog from SBACC

I saw a dog or cat on SBACC's website that I am interested in adopting.  What is the next step?

How do I adopt a pet from SBACC?

If you are interested in adopting a pet from South Bend Animal Care and Control you must first fill out an adoption application.  Adoption applications can be found online at  You can submit your completed application in person (preferred choice) at 521 Eclipse Place, South Bend, IN 46628.  You can also fax or email your application to or fax to 574-235-7611.

Who can adopt from SBACC?

Anyone can apply to adopt a pet from SBACC. Applicants from other states can also apply, SBACC does require the adopter to meet with the animal they wish to adopt before taking the animal home.  

How can I turn in my adoption application?

Applicants may apply at anytime via email or fax.