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WW-INQUIRY: Void A Utility Payment

Explains under what circumstances the Utility can and cannot void payments when an over-payment or duplicate payment occurs. Also explains what a customer must do to request that a posted payment be reversed and/or returned.

What are my options when there is a net credit on my account?

If there is a credit on your account as a result of an over-payment or a duplicate payment, it will be applied towards future bills.

How can I have a payment voided?

  • If you made a duplicate payment or an over-payment through your credit or debit card:
    • The Utility can only void the payment if it has not yet posted to the account.  
      • Contact 311 or the Utility immediately at 574.235.9236 to find out if the payment has posted. If the payment has not posted, you can request the payment be voided.
    • If the payment has already posted to your Utility account, the Utility cannot void or refund it to your credit card. 
      • If you need to have a posted payment reversed, you must contact your depositing bank before the Utility can do anything.
      • Once the Utility receives notification from your bank that the payment has been rejected ("charged back") or that the funds have been returned to the card, the Utility can reverse the payment on your account.
  • If you made a duplicate payment or an over-payment through a third party payer or through your bank's bill-pay option, you must contact them to have the payment cancelled.

For 311:

If there is a large credit on an account due to an over-payment or duplicate payment, forward to a manager at the Utility for review and potential issuance of a refund check.