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Starting or Transferring Utility Service

Explains rules regarding starting Utility services, necessary documentation, cost to start service and deposit determination.

How do I start Utility services?

Property Owners may start services in a number of ways:

  1. Calling 311 or 574.235.9236 and selecting Option 4;
  2. For property owners who wish to have Utility accounts in their name: complete the Online Utilities Application (deposit may be required to start utility service).
  3. For property owners who wish to have Utility accounts in their tenant's name: complete the Owner Authorization form and e-mail to:              
  4. The tenant residing in a location where the owner wishes to have Utility accounts in the tenant's name needs to complete the                             Tenant Application form and either bring it in to 125 W Colfax (Customer Service office) or e-mail to:                                                                                                                                    .
  5. If a deposit is applicable, the tenant will need to go to 125 W Colfax to pay the Utility Deposit. 

What does it cost to start Utility services?

  • All past due bills must be paid prior to starting or reinstating new services.
  • Customers getting water service will be charged a $30 start service fee that will be billed to the first billing statement.
  • Customers will also be assessed a deposit based on a review of prior payment history with the Utility or another Utility, and will also be collected prior to the Start of Service.
    • The deposit may be as little as $0.00 and as much as two months' estimated water and sewer bills by meter size.
    • Deposits that equal two months' minimum water and sewer charges or that exceed $70.00 may be billed over two (2) months.
    • The deposit will be determined at the time of the application and can be paid at: 125 W. Colfax.

How does the Utility determine deposit criteria?

  • ​For applicants who have had services with the Utility within the last two (2) years, all three (3) of the following criteria must be true for the Utility to waive the deposit:
    1. Owes no outstanding bills for services rendered within the past four (4) years;  
    2. During the last twelve (12) consecutive months that the service was provided, applicant did not have more than two (2) bills that were past due; and
    3. Within the last two (2) years did not have a service disconnected for nonpayment of a bill for services rendered by that utility.
  • If the applicant has NOT been a customer of the utility within the last two (2) years, documentation from another Utility which satisfies the above criteria will suffice. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to produce documentation supporting their compliance with this criteria from another Utility.

311 Process Notes

If an owner wishes to have the tenant as the utility account holder pursuant to HEA 1347, the owner will be required to complete and sign an Owner Authorization form listing who the tenant is for each location (new form for each new tenant).  This form is to be filled out in conjunction with the tenant filling out the Tenant Application form at the customer service office. If deemed necessary, the tenant will be charged a deposit prior to having services started in their name. 

The owner can be provided with an Owner Authorization form and they can e-mail this form back in to Water Works Customer Service.  The tenant can go in to Customer Service to fill out the Tenant Application form and pay a deposit if necessary.

HEA 1347 states that the owner can keep the utilities account in their name or the tenant can be the account holder. Property owners who wish to keep the utilities account in their name may do so.