Request a Copy of Utilities Bill

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WW-INQUIRY: Request a Copy of Utilities Bill

Customers can obtain a copy of prior bills in two ways. Also explains why a customer might not receive a bill.

Why did I not receive a bill?

  • The Utility bill is sent to the last known billing address provided. If you move or need to change the billing address, you must inform the Utility.
  • The Utility is not responsible for post office delays. If you have not received a bill and have not changed your billing address, contact the Post Office.
  • In the meantime, you can call 574.235.9236 to learn your account balance and the bill's due date.
  • Customers are also encouraged to set up e-billing.

How do I get a copy of my bill?

  • Customers with online accounts can now download PDF statements of prior bills at any time. They will not be identical to the bills that are mailed out on a monthly basis, but they contain all of the same information, including detailed charges and water usage.
  • Customers without online accounts can request a copy of their bill by submitting a Public Records Request. The instructions for submitting a Public Records Request can be found here. The Utility can no longer provide copies of bills until the request has been approved through the Access to Public Records Act process. There will be a charge of $0.10 per page printed out for the customer. There is no charge for emailing the copy.

For 311:

Please only send a "BIL" call entry to Brian/Linda when the bill has not generated on the account.