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WW-INQUIRY: Utility Disputes

Explains how to submit a dispute to the Utility and when to expect a response.

Where can I submit my dispute?

Written disputes can be submitted to the Utility in the following ways:

When will I hear back from the Utility regarding my dispute?

A dispute will be considered filed upon receipt by the Utility. The Utility will investigate the dispute promptly, thoroughly and completely. The Utility may have additional questions for the customer as well as for other Utility departments, depending on the nature of the dispute. The customer will be notified in writing of the results of the dispute review.

How can I dispute my bill?

A customer may dispute any bill, security deposit, disconnection notice or any other matter relating to their service at any time. All disputes must be submitted in writing (letter, email or fax) to the Utility Customer Service Office.

Customers are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible regarding the dispute, including dates, specific charges being disputed and any supporting documentation. Disputed amounts must be paid in full while the dispute is being reviewed by the Utility. Partial payments will be applied without regard to any specific instructions from the customer.