Dead Animal in the Street

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Dead Animal in the Street

The city collects and disposes of dead animals in the public right-of-way.

Where are dead animals collected?

The Streets Department will collect dead animals that are located either in the street or at the front curb. City staff cannot go onto private property or into alleyways to collect dead animals.

Residents are required to move animals that die on their property to the curb for pickup. When handling dead animal carcasses, the city advises residents to use gloves, double or triple plastic bags, and to thoroughly wash hands after handling.

What type of animals are collected?

The Streets Department will collect small (rodents, birds), medium (cats, dogs), and large (deer) sized dead animals. 


How do I report a dead animal?

During normal business hours (7:30 am - 5:30 pm), contact 311.

Please provide your contact information, the location of the dead animal, and a description of the animal (size, type).

How long will it take to respond to a dead animal service request?

The Streets Department will respond to dead animal within 24 hours of a submitted service request, under normal call volume.