Return Trip Customer Error

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SW-REQUEST: Return Trip Customer Error

If a resident paying for City trash services does not receive the regularly scheduled weekly service through no fault of the City, the resident can put in a request for a return trip.

What is the cost for Return Trip Customer Error?

The cost for a return trip is $10.00 per event. This fee will be added to your monthly utility bill. 

Who is eligible for Return Trip Customer Error?

A resident is eligible for a return trip if the following: 

  • The trash was not out in time
  • The trash was blocked by a car or other obstruction
  • The container was facing the wrong way
  • The trash was not within guidelines:
    • Was the container out by 6:00am on scheduled trash day?
    • Was all the trash bagged?
    • Was all the trash placed inside the City-issued container?
    • Was there any trash in personal containers or on the ground?
  • Has your trash recently been moved from an alley to curbside collection? If it has, and the container is still in the alley, it needs to be moved out front for collection

When is a Return Trip Customer Error service provided?

The missed trash will be serviced within 48 business hours of the request. 

How can I request Return Trip Customer Error?

By filling out the web form here or by calling the City's 311 call center. 

For 311:

Enter the customer's information into ELEMOS. 

You will select the “Missed Collection” tab-

Select the container.

Select the “Return Trip Customer Error” job and hit “New Job”