Adult Fitness Classes

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REC-REQUEST: Adult Fitness Classes

Venues Parks & Arts Centers offers an aray of fitness classes and strength training programs.

What is the cost for Adult Fitness Classes?

Some classes have a drop in fee, some you can register for a whole session, and some have no fee at all. Click here for class fees offered by the O'Brien Fitness Center. For classes at the Charles Black Center call 574-235-9446 and for classes at the MLK Jr. Center call 574-235-9445.

Where are Adult Fitness Classes?

Classes are offered at these facilities:

O'Brien Fitness Center

321 E. Walter St.

South Bend, IN 46614

Pinhook Park Building-Must register at the O'Brien Fitness Center 

2801 Riverside Dr.

South Bend, IN 46616

Charles Black Center-(Charles Black is currently closed for renovation)

3419 W. Washington St.

South Bend, IN  46619

Martin Luther King Jr. Center-Must register at this center

1522 W. Linden 

South Bend, IN 46628


Who is eligible for Adult Fitness Classes?

Fitness classes are open to the public, adults 16 and older.


When are Adult Fitness Classes provided?

All Centers are open all year round, closed on national and state holidays.  Charles Black Sr Center is temporarily closed for renovation.

How can I request Adult Fitness Classes?

Stop by any of the Centers during regular business hours. Some classes are available for online registration here.

For 311: