Mulch Availability

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Mulch Availability

The Organic Resources Facility offers 24-hour access for free self-loading compost and mulch. Residents need to bring containers, shovels and a truck/trailer to load the mulch. As part of the "Green City" initiative we recycle material collected by the city or brought in by residents and create a product that goes back out into the community.

What is mulch?

Mulch is a material spread around or over a plant to enrich the soil and to cut down on weed growth.

Where can mulch be picked up?

Mulch is available for pick-up at Organic Resources, located at 4340 Trade Drive.

Is there a fee for mulch?

If you use our self loading area, using only hand tools, mulch is free of charge. 

Mulch can be loaded for a fee:

  • $4.28 (includes tax) per cubic yard for up to 2 yards at a time
  • $8.56 (includes tax) per cubic yard for 3 yards or more. This price is for ALL yards, INCLUDING the first 2 yards (example: 3 yds = $25.68)

Cash, check, credit/debit (except American Express) are accepted. 

When is mulch available?

Mulch is typically available during April through October. Organic Resources strives to provide mulch through the year; however due to high demand, mulch may not be available. Mulch is not available from December to February due to snow. 

How is mulch made?

Mulch is made through the process of grinding up decaying brush. Brush may consist of sticks, branches, logs and woodchips that have sat for over a year and are broken down. We place the material through a tub grinder to break it down into smaller pieces. Once through the tub grinder, we process the ground up material through a horizontal grinder with a two-inch screen to make it even smaller, woodchip size. The final process is to run the second grind of material through the screen machine to separate the broken down organic matter from the processed woodchips to get the final product.