Tree Permit

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FOR-REQUEST: Tree Permit

Tree permits are issued for trees on the tree lawn area only. The tree lawn is the grass area between the curb and sidewalk. 

Permits are issued for removal, pruning, and planting.   

What is the cost for tree permits?

There is no fee for tree permits.

Who is eligible for tree permits?

City of South Bend residents within city limits (with a three or four digit address) are eligible.

Property owners are responsibility for all maintenance of tree lawn trees. 

When are tree permits provided?

The City Forester will first evaluate the tree/ tree lawn area for permit recommendation.  If approved, the permit will be mailed to the property owner. Permits are good for one year

How can I request a tree permit?

Call the Forestry office at 574-299-4766

For 311:

If further information is needed transfer call to Forestry office 574-299-4766