Request an Ambulance Patient Care Report

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Request an Ambulance Patient Care Report

The South Bend Fire Department responds to 911 Emergency calls within the city limits of South Bend, as well as some unincorparated areas of St. Joseph County.  Our responders provide care to patients and transportation of the sick and injured to surrounding hospitals.  The crew of the ambulance completes a detailed Patient Care Report that is provided to the receiving hospital and serves as a record of the situation found and care provided.

How do I request a patient care report?

We will issue a Patient Care Report after you complete the Access to Public Records Request.

Patient Care Reports can be picked up or requested at the South Bend Fire Department Administrative Offices located at 1222 South Michigan Street, South Bend, Indiana. 

Requests may also be processed through the mail. 

Please call 574-235-9250 with further questions.

How much does a patient care report cost?

There is a $15 charge to provide a copy of a Patient Care Report. 

When can I request a patient care report?

Patient Care Report requests can be made during our office hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday excepting City Holidays. View current City holidays on

Fire Reports are generally available on the next business day following the event.

Who may request a patient care report?

Patient Care Reports may only be shared with:

  • the actual patient listed on a Patient Care Report
  • A person holding a Power of Attorney with the Patient referenced on the Patient Care Report
  • An attorney representing parties to legal proceedings referencing the patient.

In all cases, the issuance of a copy of the Patient Care Report starts with an Access to Public Records Request

How do I get more information on ambulance patient care reports?

Residents who require more information about obtaining reports, or the types of reports available, are encouraged to call the offices of the South Bend Fire Department at 574-235-9250.