My SB Parks & Trails

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EXP-INQUIRY: My SB Parks & Trails

My SB Parks and Trails is a combination of park, trail, and riverfront upgrades that will fundamentally change the landscape of South Bend’s shared green spaces. The projects were identified through the community's feedback and suggestions at various community and neighborhood meetings. 

What parks are involved in My SB Parks & Trails?

The entire South Bend Park system will be touched at some point during this project. For a full list of projects please click here.

Who is involved in My SB Parks & Trails and how can the public get involved?

The City of South Bend and community members have been involved in the planning process. The public is encouraged to provide feedback in the Your Voice section of the website, attend public meetings and forums, and donate.

When is My SB Parks & Trails occurring?

Some projects included in My SB Parks and Trails have already been completed and some are underway. Most of the projects will be completed by the end of 2020, with all of them completed within five years. Visit individual project pages for progress information, via the My SB Parks & Trails website, here.

How do I get more information on My SB Parks & Trails?

Visit the website here for more information and the complete list of projects. You can also call the VPA Admin office at 574.299.4765.

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