Event Partnership Request

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EXP-REQUEST: Event Partnership Request

Venues Parks & Arts partners with a variety of community events throughout the city. This is not a request for use of parks of an event; please see a different article for appropriate steps to reserve a park for an event. Partnerships will vary based on the type of community event, from VPA supplying resources or vendors, to VPA being on-site and helping with logistics and planning.

What is the cost for Event Partnership Request?

There is generally no cost to partner with Venues Parks & Arts on your event.

Who is eligible for Event Partnership Request?

Any community event can reach out and request a partnership with Venues Parks & Arts. Not all requests are guaranteed to be granted, and partership levels will depend on the event and services required,

When is Event Partnership Request provided?

Event partnerships can be requested throughout the entire year.

How can I request Event Partnership Request?

For more information on being an event partner, call VPA at 574.299.4765 or email Jackie Appleman at japplema@southbendin.gov.

For 311: