Sidewalk Concerns

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Sidewalk Concerns

Per Chapter 18, Article 3 of the South Bend Municipal Code, the maintanence and repair of curb and sidewalk is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. While the property owner is ultimately responsible for replacing damaged or unsafe sidewalk, programs exist within the Department of Public Works that assist residents in covering the cost of construction. 

Does the City of South Bend repair damaged sidewalk?

Each year, the Department of Public Works replaces a certain amount of damaged or unsafe sidewalk at the request of the City of South Bend Common Council. Each of the nine council members receives an annual allocation of sidewalk that they can request for replacement. 

What is the Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program?

The City of South Bend’s Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program assists individual property owners in making needed repairs to curbs and sidewalks abutting their properties to protect the general public and to improve the appearance of the neighborhood. The Department of Public Works will reimburse $20.00 per foot of sidewalk replaced, $15.00 per foot of curb replaced and $950.00 for the replacement of a curb ramp at an intersection. 

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