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DCI-INQUIRY: LimeBike Inquiry

The City of South Bend has endorsed LimeBike as its bike share provider, making South Bend one of the first US Cities to have dockless bike share. The service is completely implemented through LimeBike.  Specific concerns and questions should be addressed to LimeBike by phone: (888) 546-3345 or email:  


Where are LimeBikes availble?

You can find LimeBike all over the City.  LimeBike's dockless approach to bike sharing allows bikes to move about the City without docks or mandatory parking locations, allowing service in a widespread, yet very local manner.  

Users are asked to park bikes responsibly in an upright position, preferably at bike racks, and at minimum not in the way of vehicle, pedestrian, or other bicycle traffic.

LimeBike moniitors the location of its bicycles through GPS, and will move them to a location where there is greater demand if they remain stationary for a prolnged period of time  To request bike relocation, contact LimeBike at or call (888) 546-3345.                                                                                                                                                                              

Who can access LimeBike ?

The City of South Bend has endorsed LimeBike as its Bike Share Provider.  This service is completely implemented through LimeBike and can be accessed by residents via their smartphone and the LimeBike app.  

LimeBike is working on other options for those for those who do not have a smartphone. These options are currently in the research and development phase.

How do I get more information on LimeBike ?

The Program is completely implemented through LikeBike and they address all customer concerns.   

  • Contact LimeBike by phone: (888) Lime345  or  (888) 546-3345
  • Contact LimeBike by email:



For 311:

Do NOT share this information with residents. This contact is only for 311 if we need to contact LimeBike right away, and should only be used for severe situations.

Local LimeBike Contact: Nathan Hasse, Operations Manager

Phone: (574) 528-0308