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CODE-INQUIRY: Continuous Enforcement Order

A Continuous Enforcement Order is an order that is issued for compliance or abatement.  It allows the Department of Code Enforcement to abate any nuisance from a property without further notification to the owner.

What does this order include?

This order includes removal of litter and trash, removal of tall grass and weeds, graffiti, and securing any structure.  In case of emergency and only as a last resort, it would also include removing abandoned vehicles.

What warrants a property to be on Continuous Enforcement?

The property must have at least 2 completed abatements in 45 days and/or 4 violation letters mailed in 60 days (it does not matter if the violations were cleaned by owner).  Properties that were previously on the list can be added back if in the previous year the City had to abate the property and the ownership has not changed.

Additionally, all properties that have a demolition order, as well as most properties under repair orders, may be placed on Continuous Enforcement to ensure the property is maintained and secured until the property is brought within compliance via the hearing process.

How is original notification made?

Original notification is made at the hearing proceedings or a mailed letter.

How long is it in effect?

It is in effect for two (2) years from when the order was placed on the property.

How can I get it removed from Continuous Enforcement?

Maintain the property by keeping it clean, in good repair and secured; then speak with your area inspector.

For 311:

Verify if on Continuous Enforcement by checking Sharepoint.

To discuss removal from the Continuous Enforcement list please call 311 and request to be transferred to your area inspector.