Structure Neighborhood Services & Enforcement  Violations

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Structure Neighborhood Services & Enforcement  Violations

Structure violations occur when an inspector notices a violation while in the field or a complaint is made about a residential or commercial structure.

When are Structure Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Violations occurring?

Depending on the severity of the needed repairs, the inspector may request the repairs to be completed in 24 hours, 10 days, or 30 days by sending a notice to the property owner. 

After 10 or 30 days, the inspector will return to the property to verify if the repairs have been completed. If the repairs have not been completed, the property owner may sign a repair agreement or may be ordered to attend a public hearing. 

How do I get more information on Structure Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Violations?

You can obtain more information by calling 311. 

311 Process Notes

  • If a complaint, please create an Accela online complaint
  • If the caller is referencing a letter they received, please transfer them to the inspector mentioned on the letter.
  • If the caller is referencing an existing/specific case, additional time is requested, or mentions an inspector by name, please to transfer to the Neighborhood Services & Enforcement inspector.