Basketball Hoop in the Public Right of Way

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Basketball Hoop in the Public Right of Way

Basketball hoops are not allowed in city streets or tree lawn areas.

Where can I have my basketball hoop placed on my property?

Please keep your basketball hoop on your driveway. Basketball hoops that are in the tree lawn area or in the city street are improperly placed and need to be removed.


How do I make a complaint about basketball hoops in the public right of way?

Please call 311 to make a complaint.

How are basketball hoop complaints investigated?

The inspector has the right to remove the basketball hoop immediately if it impedes traffic and is a safety hazard.


The inspector can place a courtesy tag on the basketball hoop asking the owner to move it, or in some cases ask the property owner to move it. If it is not moved after the courtesy tag notice, then the inspector may ticket the property each day the basketball hoop is not removed.

If the basketball hoop is not moved after the courtesy tag notice, the inspector may request a violation letter be mailed to the property owner and the owner has 10 days to remove it. If it is not removed after a letter, then a Neighborhood Services and Enforcement crew will be sent to remove the basketball hoop. The owner may be billed for any and all expenses associated with the removal..

311 Process Notes

Create CRM Service Request:

Where exactly is the basketball hoop located? Specific address preferred. 

Is it blocking traffic?

Is it in the street or is it on the tree lawn area?