Code Enforcement Hearings

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CODE-INQUIRY: Code Enforcement Hearings

Code Enforcement hearings takes place on the 13th floor of the County-City Building in Room 1308, which is the large conference room across from the elevators. Hearings are scheduled on a Tuesday or Thursday and all hearings begin at 1:30 pm. The order of the hearings are done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Code Enforcement Krisor collection hearings are held in the St. Joseph County small claims court at the 112 S. Lafayette Blvd.

Why would a Code Enforcement hearing be scheduled?

A hearing is scheduled when a property owner has not completed repairs and/or abatements in a timely manner.

What if I cannot attend my scheduled hearing?

You may call 311, and tell them you have a hearing date and are unable to attend and need a continuance. They will forward your information to the Department of Code Enforcement and have a member of the Department of Code Enforcement contact you.

What if I forgot my hearing date?

You may call 311, and they will take your name, address of the property that has the hearing scheduled, and your phone number. A member of the Department of Code Enforcement will return your call in a timely manner.

For 311:

CRM Service Request


Is this a Code Enforcement hearing or a Code Enforcement Collections hearing?

(All inquiries about collection hearings need to be addressed to Krisor and Associates at 574-272-1000)

Name of the person requesting information?

Address of the property in the hearing?

Phone number?


Address of the property?

Name of the person requesting the continuance?

Relationship to the owner if not the owner?

Date of the hearing?

Reason for the request?

Phone number?