Executive Repair Agreement

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CODE-INQUIRY: Executive Repair Agreement

An executive repair agreement is a contract made between the Director of Code Enforcement and an owner of a property set for a demolition.

How do I get an executive repair agreement?

Once you have the deed to a property you a can schedule appointment with the Director of Code Enforcement to discuss your timeline for repairs on a house that is set for demolition. You will be required to post a bond which is based on the demolition costs.

Once the terms, timeline, and repairs are agreed upon, you will enter an executive repair agreement. When all repairs are completed, you may contact the Department of Code Enforcement to schedule a final inspection. All orders will be removed and the bond will be refunded upon completion.

A repair agreement is made in a meeting lasting approximately one hour with the Director of Code Enforcement. Once you have agreed and signed the executive repair agreement, the order of demolition will be removed. 

You will then be able to pull any permits needed and turn on all utilities.  You can contact the Building Department to pull all needed permits. 

How do I get more information on executive repair agreement?

Please call 311.

For 311:

Please create a CRM service request, so Code Team can schedule appointment