Bright Light Nuisance

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CODE-INQUIRY: Bright Light Nuisance

Bright light nuisance codes are designed to protect against the spillover of light onto neighboring properties which may negatively impact occupants of neighboring properties. They are also designed to protect against glare onto public right-of-way which may impair the vision of motorists.

What is the bright light enforcement process?

This is a zoning violation and is investigated by the neighborhood Code Enforcement inspector.

If the bright light is verified, a zoning violation letter is mailed to the property owner. The property owner is given 10 days to resolve the issue. The inspector will return after 10 days to verify if it has been resolved, and if not, the inspector may ticket the property.

The inspector can issue tickets for each day the property is found in violation. 

How do I make a bright light complaint?

Call 311 to make a bright light complaint.

How do I get more information on Bright Light Nuisance?

More information on the bright light nuisance can be located in the South Bend Municipal Code 21-07.02.

For 311:

Create CRM Service Request:

What is the specific address? 

What time of day is the light a problem?

Is the light coming from a house or a commercial building?

What side of the building is the light on?

Is the light shining into your home?

Is it on utility pole/street light pole? If so, can you tell me the tag number on the pole? (Utility pole tags are about 5 feet off the ground)