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How to Check the Code Enforcement Status of a Property

Checking the Code Enforcement status of a property by going online or by calling 311 will tell a person if there are any open violations, closed violations, and type of violations. You can obtain copies of the information requested by filling out a Request for Public Records form. A payoff form needs to be filled out if you need a record of all money owed against the property by the City.

Where do I check the Code Enforcement status of a property?

You can obtain information online, call 311, or to come in person to the Code Enforcement Office which is located on the 13th floor of the County City Building.

How do I check the Code Enforcement status of a property?

There are four ways to obtain more information on a property in the City limits.

  1. Go to our online Code Enforcement portal to look up a property.
  2. Contact 311, and the 311 liaison will be able to search the property through the same online site.
  3. Complete a Public Records Request form, this form is available online to download. This request takes 7-14 days to complete and you may be notified by email or phone.
  4. Complete a payoff form to find out monies owed against a property.

311 Process Notes

Process for 311:

  • Advise them they can search ACA, here is the url:
  • For more details or specific questions, please transfer them to ext 9486