Scrap Metal License

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CLERK-SERVICE: Scrap Metal License

What is Scrap Metal License?

The application fee is $5.00.  Once the application is approved, the license cost is $250.

For any questions please contact the Ordinance Violations Bureau at 574-245-6052.

Click here to access the application to obtain a scrap metal licence.

Who has access to the Scrap Metal License?

If you live within City of South Bend limits and are planning to operate a scrap metal dealer business, you must obtain a yearly permit from the Ordinance Violations Bureau.  Operating a scrap metal dealer business in the City without a scrap metal license is prohibited and may result in fines (South Bend Municipal Code 4-4-51).

When is Scrap Metal License provided?

A license can be applied for any time during the year.  However, for annual applications for existing businesses the process begins at the beginning of each calendar year.

How much does Scrap Metal License cost?

You must submit an application to the Ordinance Violations Bureau in the County-City Building at 227 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 455.  Once the application is submitted, Code Enforcement, Fire Department, and Police Department inspections will occur.  After approval by the three departments and the Common Council, the license is mailed to the applicant.