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Contractor Licensing & Registration

Contractor Licenses and Registrations are required to ensure that work will be completed in a safe, code-related manner.  If inspections determine that work does not meet required codes, a claim may potentially be filed to assure that the work gets corrected, or that payment is provided to correct inspected work.  

Contractors must be registered or licensed before completing code-related work within the following categories:

Owner/occupants may perform work on their own residential, single family dwellings, upon signing an affidavit.

Please see requirements through City Engineering, County Engineering, and the Health Department regarding additional licenses and registrations that may also be required.

How can I request a Contractor License or Registration?

Applications, documents, and payment must be submitted in person or via mail at 125 S. Lafayette Blvd. Suite 100 South Bend, IN 46601.  

Applications for Electric and HVAC Licensed require review, which will take place within 10 business days.  Applicants will be notified once review is complete, via phone or email, per applicant's preference.

New Registrations or renewed Licenses and Registrations can be processed immediately and issued at the counter, via email, or via mail, per applicant's preference.

What is the cost for Contractor Licensing & Registration?

The fee for all types of licenses & registrations listed above is $125.
For new Electrical and HVAC licenses, there is an application review fee of $50 upon application submission, prior to licensing.

Applications, requirements, and renewals are different by type of Contractor.

Who is eligible to be a Licensed or Registered Contractor?

  Building Demolition Sign Plumbing Excavation Electrical HVAC Fire Suppression, Storage Tank, Irrigation, Hood Installation, Refrigeration
Application Required Pre-Licensing Registration Form only Pre-Licensing Registration Form only Pre-Licensing Registration Form only Pre-Licensing Registration Form only Pre-Licensing Registration Form only Application Packet Application Packet Pre-Licensing Registration Form only
Bond Amount Required $5,000 $10,000 $5,000

No Bond

State License

No Bond $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
Fees $125 Registration $125 Registration $125 Registration $125 Registration $125 Registration

$50 Application Review

$125 Registration

$50 Application Review

$125 Registration

$125 Registration


Electric and HVAC contractors must submit an application to be reviewed prior to becoming licensed within our jurisdiction.

Plumbing contractors must have an Indiana State Plumbing License prior to becoming registered within our jurisdiction.

Excavation contractors do not need to have an Indiana State License or a Surety Bond, but do still need to become a registered contractor to work within our jurisdiction.

Building, Sign, Demolition, Fire Suppression, Irrigation, Fire Suppression, Hood Installation, Refrigeration, Above or Underground Storage Tank, and Irrigation contractors are required to get a Surety Bond (through your insurance company) to become a Registered Contractor.